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Return of the iconic & best dog food brand

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What once was, Gaines-burgers original product.

Return of a Classic Brand

Return of a Classic Brand

Return of a Classic Brand

Does our name sound familiar? It just might. The original brand was first launched in the U.S. back in the 1950s. It was well ahead of its time as the first shelf-stable dog soft food (not in a can) that also contained some of the highest quality ingredients. It was the best seller for several decades.

We have teamed up with a top quality co-packer to produce a premium quality meal for your pup. While our patties being individually wrapped in cellophane and not requiring refrigeration are gone - we retain the hallmarks of old by having the finest ingredients.     


Rejuvenated Product

Return of a Classic Brand

Return of a Classic Brand

The past is the past and this is a new age. The present and future of dog meals are focused on simplicity, quality and freshness. We are specially formulated with high quality ingredients including Chia seeds. 

 Gaines-burgers is a unique option to mass produced, overly processed, commercial pet  food. A highly nutritious food with a limited number of whole food ingredients. A fresh food you can trust.

Offering our product in a USDA beef / beef liver version and also a turkey with blueberry version.

Chia seeds are a natural superfood that is great for a dog's diet. Loaded with Omega-3 benefits

A Superfood Ingredient

Return of a Classic Brand

A Superfood Ingredient

 When Chia seeds, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids are included in your dog's  diet, your can expect to see your dog's overall health to improve with  increased energy and its coat to become shiny and healthy. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients, deficient in most dogs' diets. 

 They also have  highly- specialized functions in neurological tissues, especially the  brain and retina and play an important role in cell membranes and the  formation of new tissue, therefore important for development and growth.

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We continue to release limited batches of our artisanal premium "chow" so raise a paw and ask any questions. 

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